DFL Instructors offer

High Professional Training providing the operator with sound knowledge of Health and Safety in the workplace.

DFL Offers Lift Truck Training on:

  1. Reach Truck
  2. Counterbalance
  3. Pedestrian Operated
  4. VNA Man Up
  5. VNA Man Down

DFL Basic Training Course consists of:

  1. Practical Training
  2. Theory covering all Health and Safety Issues
  3. Basic Operator skill test

DFL offers training covering 1 5 days depending on experience:

  1. Refresher Course: 1 day training for existing certified operators
  2. Exiting Operator Course: 2 3 days training for operators who have experience but no certification
  3. Novice Operator Course: 3 5 days training for operators with no experience or knowledge of Fork Lift Trucks
  4. Assessment Only: Authorisation only to drive company vehicle on employers premises
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